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Melt Method, Fascial Stretch Therapy & Yoga Classes

The Melt Method®
Daniela offers training in the Melt Method.It is a simple self-treatment technique that helps you get out of and stay out of chronic pain. The Melt Method restores balance to your nervous system and health to your connective tissue. It is a true game changer.
Fascial Stretch Therapy (TM)
Fascial Stretch Therapy is a therapist-directed, table-based, assisted stretching that's proven to reduce/eliminate pain, radically increase flexibility and mobility and improve strength. FST is used by pro and Olympic athletes and every day athletes.
Private Yoga Classes
Our yoga classes are 100% customized to your goals and needs. Therefore, you get the most benefit from the time and effort invested in your practice. This approach is the opposite of a dogmatic, cookie-cutter style group fitness class. Additionally, each session is customized not only to your physical goals, but also your emotional, mental, and spiritual goals as well.

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